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By Kyle D. Dent Published by O Postfix: The Definitive Guide 1.0 By Kyle D. Dent Published by O'Reilly Media ( Postfix is a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA): software that mail servers use to route email. Postfix is highly respected by experts for its secure design and tremendous reliability. And new users like it because it's so simple to configure. In fact, Postfix has been adopted as the default MTA on Mac OS X. It is also compatible with sendmail, so that existing

This is a postfix calculator. Reverse Advanced Scientific Calculator Postfix 1.0 This is a postfix calculator. Reverse Polish notation (RPN) is a mathematical notation wherein every operator follows all of its operands. Postfix notation saves key strokes in long chain calculations. For example, 2 + 3 will become 2 3 +. Enter button replaces = button. Key Features: 1.20Basic Arithmetic Operations a.Basic Functions _ Operations b.Fraction calculations and simplification c.Percentage calculations d.Powers and Roots e.Rounding

Want to know if your employees abuse email? Mail Access Monitor for PostFix 3.9c It is hard to imagine an office without access to e-mail. E-mail is often the number one business tool, responsible for effective communication, making sales, providing support and generating leads. Mail Access Monitor is a simple tool that analyses mail server logs and shows how much traffic is being used by e-mail, who sends and receives most messages, where the messages are being send to and if e-mail abuse takes place in your office.

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